Our Weekly Wednesday Wedding Tips of March!

Another month of “Weekly Wednesday Wedding Tips” has passed so here is the lot grouped together. Enjoy!

7 March:

Ask friends and family for help! If you have a talented friend who can design the invite or create something to your taste for the décor, then utilize their skills. This makes it fun for them to help you and adds a personal touch to your wedding.

14 March:

Use e-invites to save some money on the invitations, directions and details!

21 March:

Choose a venue that is beautiful without needing excessive décor. This may seem more expensive but where you save money on a venue with less built in features, you end up paying the balance in décor! (And we just so happen to know of the perfect place!)

28 March:

Borrow and share between friends and family. Veils and accessories can be used between anyone and if a friend has some décor you could borrow, ask and they could help you save some money! In reverse, if you have a friend who’s getting married and have something you think they’d like to use, then offer it to them.

Enjoying these tips or finding them useful? Let us know in the feedback section! For any queries about the wedding venue or BnB then don’t hesitate to contact us, we’d be happy to help 🙂


A puppy on the property!

The latest addition to our 50 Shades of Hay family, comes in the form of a puppy! Her name is Brandy and she is a rescue, adopted on 20 January 2018. She is full of energy and a super friendly pup that will greet you with love and licks!

Our Weekly Wednesday Wedding Tips of Feb!

As February draws to a close and so does our first month of weekly Wednesday wedding tips, we thought we would group the lot together. This way you know where to find them and it’ll hopefully save you some time! Continue reading below to catch up on February’s wedding tips:

7 February:

Prioritising is key! Instead of trying to save on a whole bunch of aspects that you like, rather choose three or so that you are passionate about and spend a little extra money on those things.

14 February:

This may seem like an obvious one for some, but in the hustle and bustle of all the “few days before the wedding” plans, things can be looked over. Make sure you have a small sewing kit stored somewhere nearby and with easy access, or have a bridesmaid keep it. Rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it!

21 February:

When it comes to guests and budgets, things can become a little trickier. To keep numbers down and save money, consider these before adding people to the list: inviting children, co-workers, inviting someone just because they invited you to their wedding, have you spoken to them in the past year, is their number saved to your phone?

28 February:

Remember, if there is a tradition or “expected” aspect that doesn’t work for you, then you don’t have to keep it! Go with what works for you, it saves money for other areas and keeps a smile on your face!

We hope you enjoyed these tips and feel free to comment and leave feedback. Check back in a month’s time for the collection of March tips!