Our Weekly Wednesday Wedding Tips of March!

Another month of “Weekly Wednesday Wedding Tips” has passed so here is the lot grouped together. Enjoy!

7 March:

Ask friends and family for help! If you have a talented friend who can design the invite or create something to your taste for the décor, then utilize their skills. This makes it fun for them to help you and adds a personal touch to your wedding.

14 March:

Use e-invites to save some money on the invitations, directions and details!

21 March:

Choose a venue that is beautiful without needing excessive décor. This may seem more expensive but where you save money on a venue with less built in features, you end up paying the balance in décor! (And we just so happen to know of the perfect place!)

28 March:

Borrow and share between friends and family. Veils and accessories can be used between anyone and if a friend has some décor you could borrow, ask and they could help you save some money! In reverse, if you have a friend who’s getting married and have something you think they’d like to use, then offer it to them.

Enjoying these tips or finding them useful? Let us know in the feedback section! For any queries about the wedding venue or BnB then don’t hesitate to contact us, we’d be happy to help 🙂


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